This diseases & infections can kill you in 24 hours.


This is an infection spread through the bloodstream and other areas in the body

Sepsis develops when the immune system realeses chemicals to combate the infection 


this condition results lake of oxygen, brain swelling, and cell dead due to either intuuruption or reduce in blood supply to the brain.

Bubonic Plague

this desease also known as black death. it infects small animals, such as rats, and then transmitted to humans


This disease has a potential to kill anyone in hours if not treated. it transmitted through contaminated water or food.

Dengue Fever

this disease transmite through mosquitos in tropical regions. It can turn fatal quickly in some cases.


Ebola hemorrhagic fever cases extreme bleeding in internal organs. Outbreaks have occurred in many African countries.

Enterovirus D68

it causes extreme difficulty breathing and severe respiratory illness. It can be fatal in some cases.